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M-Mode linear dimensions measurements
Left ventricular volumes measurements by biplane Simpson's method
Left ventricular volumes measurements
Introduction to the DICOM Standard
A modern Digital Echo-Lab
 New Features
Batch Converter lets you convert series of DICOM files in different formats such as AVI, Flash, JPEG, JPEG2000 and Bitmap.
Export of DICOM files into Flash movies.
Organize Files, allows you to reorder the DICOM images in a folder structure according to the classic hierarchical Patient/Study/Series/Images..
Updated database archive, now with the images are stored also the elements graphic and applied graphic filters.
Updated the Chronology Panel, now also contains measures for the graphic element.
Added tool to measure angles.
Added in the menu list of most recently opened files.
SI_Viewer Free and SI_Viewer Pro were integrated into a single product with all features enabled.
Some of these have been limited for the free use of the product (see differences), these limitations can be eliminated once they upgrade to the PRO version through a simple online registration of the product.
This way you can try SI_Viewer in its entirety, without having to download different versions.
Basically SI_Viewer remains a free product but also allows professionals to have a DICOM viewer up to its expectations.
 Flash Tutorial
 A modern Digital Lab
The advantages of digital echocardiography laboratory can be summarized in the following points relating to the echocardiographic reporting [...] Regarding the storage of images they can be stored on fixed memory of the PC, or other mass media represented by CD-ROM or DVD. In a extended network the images can be stored on servers with large capacity or PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System) where the potential allow to keep the images online for some time. Obviously the network and the memory are the main cost of digitizing echocardiographic laboratory. [...] [complete article >> ]
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